Meet Erin + Henry

Erin Taylor Young

Meet Erin

Erin Taylor Young is a humor writer who works in a library, where she gets to wander among books. She loves football, photography, and hiking in national parks. Erin has written for Today's Christian Woman, Outdoor Guide Magazine, and MidWest Outdoors. She was a finalist in the Phoenix Rattler 2011–2012 writing contest and in the Genesis 2012 contest for her contemporary fiction. She lives in Oklahoma with her well-meaning husband, two polar-opposite sons, and a noncompliant dog.


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Meet Henry

The circumstances surrounding Henry’s birth portend, uniqueness...okay, trouble. Born to Champion show dog parents, Henry is pure perfection in form and markings, with a built in look-at-me prance destined for Westminster.

He has everything it takes to be the next canine star. Everything except two properly descended boy parts. End of show career. Beginning of life as a disaster-prone canine catastrophe with megalomaniac tendencies.

Hobbies include distressing wood floors, barking at the mail truck, hopping about the yard (because he will one day fly into the tree and catch those mangy squirrels), and half-baked suicide attempts.

  • Height: 25 inches
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Scar count: 17 (and rising)